We like to make our wedding films as creative as possible and tailor them to a couple’s personality and interests. “Cinematic”, “Super 8”, “documentary”, “film noir”… we can shoot and edit to match any style. We encourage our clients to supply us with material that inspires them; videos, films, music, images, pinterest pages, what ever you can provide us so that we can understand your needs a little better to ensure that you’ll be getting a film that will be everything you could hope for.


We make use of the latest HD and 4K Video DSLR and film cameras which allow us to capture crisp and stunning visuals yet remain discrete and unobtrusive on your wedding day. Honestly, many of your guests wont even know we’re there!

We love to mix and match natural candid shots with epic cinematography to create a visually dynamic film and so make use of all sorts of “toys” when appropriate; portable cranes, steady-cams, sliders and dollies. If you’re not sure what this all means, don’t worry, we can explain everything in your free consultation!

Some venues dim the lights to a point where the image on the camera can suffer slightly (no matter what anyone may tell you, any camera’s image WILL suffer in a dark room) and for this reason we always carry a selection of portable lighting equipment. Whenever we make use of lighting we will always check with you or the planner first and only use the minimum amount possible – we’re not looking to re-create a film set, just a smattering of soft light to ensure we’re providing you with an image that is sharp and full of color.


This is where we carry out the bulk of work on your film. Editing, grading, composition and sound mixing. The most important and challenging part is crafting a story out of the material we have collected on the day. Luckily we’re expert story tellers having clocked up years working as writers and editors within the broadcast, film and video game industries! All good stories have something in common; a beginning, middle and an end, a solid narrative that keeps you engaged and entertained throughout. While we like to mix footage and audio from throughout the day within the video, each shot has been carefully considered and placed at a point in the edit where it makes sense. The set up, the adventure and finally the pay-off. Happily ever after!


We offer a comprehensive selection of films which can be used before, during and after your wedding. We’re completely flexible to your needs and can mix and match any of our products to build a package tailored to you!

Highlights Film

Most of the films you see on our website are highlight films. We edit the most beautiful images and emotional performances into a 3-5 minute supernova of emotion. You’ll be watching this film again and again, sharing on facebook and sending it to your friends and family. 

Feature Film

The feature film balances the pace and entertainment of a highlight film with content and coverage of your entire day. You’ll see a little bit of everything and re-live your entire day. The length of the film, depending on your own tastes, but we usually find a sweet spot between 8 and 12 minutes.

Documentary Film

Pour out some popcorn, open some wine, get comfy and get ready to re-live your entire day! You’ll get to see all those moments you missed as well as be reminded of those you experienced on the day. We take great care to edit the footage in a way that ensures a fun yet complete record of your wedding. We edit to music where appropriate and use live sound where ever we can. The length of the documentary really depends on the length of your day and the events that are a part of it, but we typically find that most lie in the range of 1 – 2 1/2 hours.  

Love Story Film

A short film to play at your wedding reception! A love story film tells your guests (and the world!) the story of how you met and arrived at the point you are now; about to embark on your wedding day. We make the love story film a personal affair, crafting a shoot that means something to you; activities and locations that are a part of your lives together. It allows us to get to know you outside of your hectic wedding day giving us the chance to capture the true essence of you as a couple.

Same day edit

The same day edit is similar to the highlights film, but you get to see it on the dame day! Magic huh? It includes footage from the beginning of the day through to the beginning of the reception and will provide great entertainment at your reception.


Photo montage

We put one together for our own wedding as a “Save the date” and our guests loved it! Simple, elegant and effective. We can make use of existing images (perhaps from an engagement shoot?) or take you out for a photo shoot ourselves. A photo montage can be used as a wedding trailer, invitation or a little something to show at your reception. We can also create a post wedding montage with the amazing photos you’ll receive from your photographer.  


Times are a-changing and so is the way we consume media. This means we need to be flexible to which ever method best suits you. We provide all the raw footage to you free of charge (just provide us with a hard drive) and as standard deliver your films on DVD or Blue Ray (beautifully presented in your own personalized cases), as well as a web link to your high-defination highlight film so you can immediately share online! Other delivery methods available include video files for your smart phone, tablet, apple tv or a fully customized website.